Common Penis Issues and Their Solutions

Your penis is called your manhood for a reason. Most men conflate their identity with their equipment and its function. I’m not talking about urination. Sex is often how we measure ourselves. That’s why any issues with your penis can be so upsetting. If you want to know how to get a bigger dick, stave off premature ejaculation, or end your troubles with erectile dysfunction, read on.

The issue of how to increase the size of your penis is a sensitive one. Every man wants more inches. The good news is that by improving diet, exercise and adding exercise to your routine, you can see real improvement. For example, men lose an inch of dick size for every 50 lbs they are overweight. Making healthy life choices will help you get the most out of your equipment. Jelqing, massaging and stretching the penis, is also a useful technique for improving both length and girth.


Premature ejaculation is a problem faced mostly by the inexperienced. One-third of men deal with it during their lifetimes. Some people benefit from consulting a therapist. Others have this problem because of medications like anti-depressants. The good news is that self-help techniques work for most people with this issue. Unless there’s an underlying medical condition, it tends more of a bad habit than a deeply-seated psychological problem. Booklets in French and English are available to provide self-help tools for this issue.

Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic, too. Look: it’s going to happen to all of us, at least once. There’s honestly no shame in it. Remember that erections are all about blood flow. Keep your arteries as clear as possible. Consider cutting back on red meat – vegans get great, long-lasting erections – and quitting behaviors like smoking. Stay away from cocaine, too. Work on your cardio fitness. It’ll help your sex life by helping you get it up, and giving you plenty of endurance, too.

Delayed ejaculation, like premature ejaculation, can be related to anxiety. Sex therapy can help. Talking to someone, or getting medications can really work. DE can also be related to physical conditions, for example, diabetes. If your problem is not medical, self-help techniques can be very effective. Using new lovemaking techniques is critical. Role-playing, and stimulation with porn before sex can be helpful. Add tools like vibrators and make sure to use enough lube. This can improve the experience of sex and help resolve the problem of delayed ejaculation.

Many men want to know how to last longer in bed. This, like the issues above, can also be related to anxiety. There are plenty of strategies to help you really go the distance. First of all, focus on foreplay. We all want to get right down to business, but anticipation can be incredibly sexy. You can also employ the squeeze when you squeeze the tip near climax. This will delay ejaculation. Finally, the old stop-start can be very effective. This will sound counter-intuitive, but as you get closer to the big moment, pull back. Reduce stimulation for a little bit before starting up again. Your partner will thank you.

All men have anxieties when it comes to our equipment. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to deal with them. Whether you’re worried about size or performance, there are effective techniques to address these issues.