How to Build an Instagram Following in 10 Minutes a Day

This month, Instagram celebrates five years since launch. It now boasts over 400 million users, with an average of 80 million photos shared each day. Is your brand fully immersed in the world of Instagram? Are people sharing your content and spreading awareness? You can get there with just 10 minutes a day, and here’s how:

Breaking it Down

To grow your following, you should spend a few minutes daily for basic upkeep. Every day, you should

·         Respond to followers who are asking questions or making valuable comments

·         Post at least one planned image

·         Comment on other users’ posts

There are several other tasks you may only need to do once or twice a week. Like:

·         Plan posts (including images, hashtags, copy, etc.)

·         Take pictures and edit top shots

·         Write copy

·         Research peak posting times

·         Research hashtags

·         Find new user images and profiles to follow or comment on

·         Look for thought leaders that influence your followers

·         Plan IG (Instagram) events

Avoid Purchasing Followers

Some companies resort to buying followers or try building their following through a hashtag like #teamfollowback. But these types of followers aren’t worth much at all because they’ll never become customers.

Don’t waste your time trying to cheat the system. Instead, be an asset that real people want to follow because they see the benefit of what you have to offer. If you attract users with no interest in your brand, you just end up with a lot of unusable leads.


Host a Giveaway

One of the most powerful ways to gain followers on Instagram is through giveaways. Consider hosting a weekly random giveaway that requires users to follow your account and tag a friend to enter. You can also award additional entries for each friend tagged. This guarantees one new follower, and possibly all those who were tagged by the original entrant.

You can further capitalize on giveaways by teaming up with other influencers. A combination giveaway will require users to follow both brands, so the other influencer ends up promoting your brand, too. Because you’re both targeting the same audience, it’s a win-win.

Managing Your Time

Don’t be afraid to group together tasks and complete them in one day. Research shows that multi-tasking can actually slow you down. Instead, choose to do all of your shooting, editing, writing, etc. on one day of the week. You’ll still need to respond to feedback and post on a daily basis…but preparation will make everything faster, better organized, and a lot less stressful.

This way, you can develop a routine of quickly responding to users in just a few minutes. The rest of your ten minutes can be spent posting, planning, and researching.

To save even more time, start using a mobile app called Brandr. It does a lot of heavy lifting for you. In seconds, you can transform basic photos into something that looks professionally edited and branded, and then post directly to Instagram. Check it out here.