How to Get People to Share Your Images on Social Media

Great images are the key to optimizing social media marketing. The best visuals are shareable and captivating. Are you using powerful images? Are you seeing as much engagement as you’d like? Let’s explore what makes an image great, and the recipe for successfully incorporating them.

Lighting and Focus

Posting less-than-clear photos is one of the clearest marks of an amateur photographer. Make sure this isn’t you! Often, this comes down to lighting. Even the brightest indoor lighting is nothing compared to the light provided by the sun. Take things outside and compare the difference.

When it comes to focus, your approach may depend on what kind of shot it is:

·         Use wide depth-of-field (nearly everything in the picture is in focus, including things far in the distance) for outdoor photography, larger group pictures, or intimate shots where the background texture adds to the picture.

·         Use shallow depth-of-field focus (everything is out of focus except for one crisp point) to draw viewers in to the small details of an intimate setting or product shot.

Consider the Background

Always keep the background in mind, particularly when staging your image. Staged images are pictures that are planned out — like product features, profile pictures, or ads.

What can you do to enhance the background? Consider using natural textures, like grass, sand, stones, or wood. You can also use textures from what you already have around you (the wooden table, the concrete driveway, the brick wall). These will look great, and eliminate an expense!

Avoid Being Generic


One of the worst things you can do is look just like everyone else. Generic images turn most people off. And if they’re stock, you’re actually paying for subpar content! Not good. Instead, create your own images and convey very specific ideas to avoid being boring.

Brand Your Images

Make sure you brand your images through overall look, and by watermark. If you’re shooting the kind of images that people share, then you need to protect them and get credit.

More importantly, this leads to broader brand awareness, as people can identify the image as coming from you. By adding a small logo, your brand will be recognized everywhere your content is reposted. This one simple thing allows you to reach a much larger audience, ultimately resulting in more conversions.


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