Become an Instagram Superstar – Part 4: Grow Your Audience

Now that you know how to take better pictures, plan content, and follow etiquette you now need to look at your audience and find ways to expand it. This can be one of the biggest challenges for small businesses.

Contact Your Contacts



This is a basic, needed step. Start by reaching out to those who are already subscribed or following you on other platforms. Include buttons in your emails; links on your website, blog, and any other social media profiles you have.

 Join in the Conversation

Don’t keep to yourself reach out to relevant Instagram users. When you participate in hashtags, check who else is posting under it. The more you comment on relevant profiles, the more people will be aware of you and follow you.

 Connect With Other Influencer Profiles


Influencers are those with sway over a certain group of people. Discover some of the influencers with your target audience. Usually, these influencers won’t be directly your industry. They might be personalities, or brands that offer related products. For example, a hotel might be working to influence the same target audience as an airline, so they can team up. Similarly, that same hotel might pair up with a travel blogger. If you can connect with influencers, then you’re linked with a brand people already trust, making it far more likely that they follow your brand.

 Engage With Competitors’ Followers

While appealing to your target audience through influencers, you should also be working to take followers from your competitors. It might sound cutthroat, but you can persuade unhappy customers already interested in what you’re offering. This is a captive audience that’s looking for solutions. Just stay professional and avoid looking desperate.

Overall, your content should keep your current followers engaged, and help with gaining new followers. The key to that is to create compelling content that people want to see more of.

The brand promotion can be subtle, by adding a logo or other brand assets to an image, almost like a watermark. That way, your followers are further familiarized with your brand, and any reposts are always traced back to you. This leads to greater brand awareness and sales. Learn more about Brandr and see if it’s the social media solution you’ve been looking for.