Become an Instagram Superstar – Part: 5: Increase Engagement and Conversion

The best way to turn followers into customers is to focus on engagement. Approach Instagram as a conversation with customers, instead of a series of advertisements. If users comment or ask a question, respond promptly. Otherwise, they’re a lot less likely to engage in the future. Here are other things you can do:

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Spotlight Products

While you shouldn’t push products with every post, it’s important how you highlight them. Instagram is the ideal platform for the more creative pictures that showcase your products. Don’t use the same shots you use on your website. Use unique shots to give your products depth and context.

Include CTAs and Branding

Don’t be shy about including calls to action. These will encourage followers into taking action. For greater brand awareness, your posts should also include your company logo, website, or Instagram handle. Branded images are 35% more likely to get engagement than plain images.


Provide Shorter Supply for Higher Demand

When you offer limited supply and deals with deadlines, your followers are enticed to act. Everyone knows that supply directly affects demand, but they don’t always apply it in their marketing. If your supplies and pricing are always the same, people won’t be motivated to purchase. Find the balance between pushing users to act and not being overly pushy.

Highlight Engagement

If you’re getting positive feedback, highlight it. Nothing does more to boost your brand’s credibility than comments, endorsements, and reviews from other users even if they aren’t influencers. Whenever people tag your brand or products, repost their image and tag them in the description. Research shows a 30% increase in engagement for images that show real customers using products.

In this five-part blog series, you’ve learned how to improve your photos; plan what and when to post; what people expect on the platform; how to grow your following; and how to better engage your following. By applying these principles, you’ll benefit from a new audience that’s excited to learn more about the beautiful products you photograph.

These intrigued users can quickly turn into customers — they just need to remember your brand after they’ve scrolled past it. The best way to guarantee that is by branding your posts. Brandr makes this easy. Check it out here.