Top 10 Best Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

The time you have to dedicate to social media is limited.  Are you looking for ways to refine the way you plan content? Here are 10 apps to help optimize your time:

1.     Compendium – In order to keep track of your content and schedule, you need tools. Compendium lets you plan content, pinpoint expectations, and store ideas for the future. With reporting and tracking features, you can gather feedback and adjust accordingly.

2.     Qwik – The images you use should be professional and captivating. You’ll need an editing program to bring them fully to life. If you don’t already have Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, then this app can do the trick. It’s designed to make your images “pretty” in just a few seconds.

3.     Brandr – Your images and content should leave a mark — literally. You probably know that photos garner more attention than text, but did you know that branded photos boast 35% more engagement than plain photos? Take your stock images or edited pictures to the next level with Brandr.

4.     DivvyHQ – You might be a small business, but if you have a team working on your content, you can Divvy up the tasks. DivvyHQ allows you and your teammates to collaborate, establish responsibilities, and organize.

5.     HootSuite – A content planning dashboard will help you check in on relevant conversations and measure results. This is especially helpful with scheduling.

6.     iMovie –Short videos can provide extremely engaging content for Facebook or Instagram. If you ever need to put together video clips, you can use iMovie. The app is iOS only; an Android alternative is VivaVideo.

7.     Buffer – If you’re waiting on a video to load, you know it’s buffering. In a similar way, Buffer holds your content until it’s time to “load”. This void before publication helps you keep a consistent posting schedule each day without interruption.

8.     Flipboard – Are you struggling to come up with new ideas? Want to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest industry trends? Flipboard puts the news you want into a faux-publication. Save favorite articles for later, specify preferred sources, and use your spare minutes to enhance content planning.

9.     Klout – This is a “scoring” platform where you can discover your performance on social media (and the performance of your competitors). Check it out and see how you match up.

10.  TwentyFeet – Want to really see the numbers? TwentyFeet provides statistics and graphs to tell you influence levels, conversations involving your brand, and much more. Cooler still, this app creates graphs you can share on your own pages for increased engagement.

Ready for greatness? You now have 10 great tools to help you get there. Enjoy.