How to Instantly Add Credibility to Your Social Media Posts

Standing out

A few years ago, text dominated social media. This made things relatively easy for brands … since images weren't used much, creating engaging visuals to reinforce your brand wasn’t a priority. With the explosion of Pinterest and Instagram, that’s all changed.

Today, social media campaigns MUST incorporate strong imaging. Why? Because it’s the best way to add credibility, generate strong interest, and protect your content.

How Branding Adds Credibility

Branding gives your images a cohesive look so your content’s easily identified. This boosts brand recognition, brand reinforcement, and introduces familiarity that leads to more fans and more sales.

If you want to lend authenticity to your product, add a logo or tagline to your photos. For small businesses or “mom and pop” shops, this will INSTANTLY add credibility … AND let you compete with "the big guys" who have a team of graphic designers on staff. Skeptical consumers want something that shows validity — a branded photo accomplishes that in spades.

Protecting Yourself

You work hard on your business, and deserve to own the content used to promote it. Branding helps you preserve your copyright, and prevent a Pinterest or Etsy user from taking your images and passing them off as their own. This way, whenever your branded images are shared via social media — your name, logo, and product have the potential to reach a much larger audience. Over time, this will result in more awareness and greater conversion.

How to Quickly Brand Your Social Media Posts

This all might sound very time-consuming … but it’s not. In fact, ANYONE can do it, and FAST … with a mobile app called Brandr. It lets you create and publish branded content in seconds.

Brandr gives you consistency across ALL social media, and lets you achieve a professional look without having to hire a graphic designer.

How does it work? When you join, you'll upload your creative assets to the platform. Within 24 hours, their design team will ready them so they look great at ANY size, and over any photo.

Brandr lets you invite multiple users, so your whole team has access. Your team can create unlimited branded content with as many creative assets you want.

The process of creating content on Brandr couldn’t be easier. You simply:

1 - Select and edit a photo

2 - Select the asset(s) to add to your photo

2 - Enlarge it, reduce it, or reposition it using your fingers

3 - Post and share to social media

Voila! A professional, branded image produced in less than a minute!

Get started with Brandr today.