The Art of the Well-Composed Photo


Ok, so maybe you recognize the value that photos can bring to your content. But how do you keep it all professional when you don’t have the budget to hire a photographer? The last thing you want is to embarrass your brand with poor quality photos. Here are some tips to make sure they stand out for the right reasons:


Often, amateur shots are obvious to everyone (except maybe the one who took them) because they’re poorly lit and badly edited. No matter the program or filter, you can't fix a bad picture. So start by taking good pictures. Avoid anything blurry, grainy, or poorly shadowed.

If you aren't getting crisp and bright images, with accurate color and a nice range of highlights and shadows — then either your camera settings are off or it’s bad lighting.

Try New Angles

Don’t shoot one photo — shoot 30 or 40. Back when photographers shot with actual film, they had about 24 or 36 shots on each roll. They would typically like just one or two images a roll … and these are professionals!  So know going in that you might snap a bunch before a good one pops up. Take in as many different angles as you can. Then, review what you have and only use your favorites.

Using Filters

Filters are fine, within reason. But like a lot of things, it can be abused if overdone or misplaced. An artistic or dramatic effect might grab attention, but wouldn’t be ideal for events or showcasing products. Overplayed filters CAN negatively affect your brand.

Study the Pros

Find professional pictures you like, and really examine what’s happening. Where are they placing their subjects? What’s cropped out? How’s it balanced? Photographers spend years mastering their art, so understanding what’s going in will take some research and practice.

Editing your Shots

Pros edit their shots, and so should you. Don’t expect perfection straight from the camera, even if you nailed the lighting, crop, and coloring. Usually, you’ll still need to do something … like boost the contrast, sharpen the image, or adjust the color balance.

There are plenty of photo editing apps … but that’s all they are. They don’t let you add your own branded logos, text, and colors quickly and easily. Except for one, and that’s Brandr.

With Brandr, the work you’d usually need to do in something like Photoshop (like add your logo) is done for you. The mobile app lets you elevate a basic photo into something that looks professionally branded.

Branding will connect your photos and make sure everyone knows who you are. Unless you can afford to hire a designer, do yourself a favor and try Brandr.