The One Simple Thing That Can Take Your Branding to the Next Level

Social media provides an unparalleled opportunity to speak directly to customers and spread awareness of your brand. But most businesses fall woefully short of using it to full advantage…

For starters, they don’t use enough visuals. Images let you say so much without uttering a word. Tweets with images receive 400% the engagement; photos on Facebook get 100% more comments. On and on, the evidence is overwhelming: people pay more attention to visuals. There’s a way, though, to leverage this even FURTHER…

The importance of a consistent brand

When your brand is consistent across all platforms, you present a uniform message. Your followers can then identify your posts within their busy feeds. This builds a relationship that grows every time they encounter your brand. The deeper this connection, the stronger they’ll associate you with your industry. Without brand consistency, none of this happens.

Branding an image

To brand an image is to make it recognizable. You want people to see your content and say, “Oh yeah! I remember them!” It should fit with the overall image you’re trying to project. Stand alone photos can’t really do this…

Your logo

Using your logo might be the most obvious way to brand your pictures, but there’s more to it than just slapping a logo over a photo. It matters WHERE you place it. Then, keeping it UNIFORM across many images. Also, if people have to LOOK for it … it may not be found. But when everything’s consistent, you’ll add an air of uniformity and polish.


Keep language and fonts consistent throughout your pieces. It helps connect the images and unify them across the social media landscape.

Wear your colors

Incorporating your brand colors can really help. You can do this a couple of ways, like in the text or background. You want to make sure that you use EXACTLY the right colors, so save the actual color codes from the color wheel. This lets you avoid trying to (inaccurately) eyeball it every time.

Branding Made Easy

This all used to require a design program, and valuable time getting all your ducks in a row … but not anymore. Yep, there’s an app for that: Brandr. It does all the heavy lifting for you!

Brandr is built to help busy business owners elevate their social media content. It lets you quickly produce professional, branded content without any design skills of your own.

Right from Brandr, you just:

- Pick and edit a photo

- Overlay a brand asset (logos, text, shapes, etc.)

- Post to all your social media accounts

From start to finish, you’re gone in 60 seconds.

Branding images is the most powerful way to amplify your social media presence and expand your reach. Brandr makes it effortless. Check it out.