The Social Media Secret to Instantly Increase Your Reach

The fast-paced world of social media

When it comes to expanding brand reach, most people recognize the value of social media. With nearly 75% of Americans regularly using social media and a billion people on Facebook alone — the potential is mouthwatering. But presence does not equal influence. Not all social media posts are created equal…

There may be millions of people out there waiting to hear about your brand, but everyone else is competing for the same eyeballs. On Twitter, there are 6,000 new tweets sent out every second! Your followers are inundated by posts, and every time they log in, they’ll see an entirely new set of updates. 

So how do you save your content from drowning under this relentless deluge? There is a way. It seems obvious, but too few do it…and it’s to use images. 

Why images matter

Images have been found to DRAMATICALLY increase engagement.  On Twitter, an image can boost engagement up to 400%. On average, retweets and replies DOUBLE with images included. 

On Facebook, the results are equally profound. Photos are measured to get 53% more likes and 104% more comments — compared to links, videos, and text-based updates. And click-thru rates jump up a whopping 84%!

What makes photos so important

It all comes down to how the brain works. Images are easier and faster to process — a lot faster. The human brain can interpret chunks of images simultaneously, whereas text is linear and takes much longer. Research shows we have short term memories for general bits of information. But if we connect it to pictures? It’s much better retained. 

We’re visual creatures by nature. Recorded human history is only 5,000 years old! Until then, humans lived and communicated without the written word. Our brains still prefer more visual forms of communication. Ever wonder why pictures usually stir up stronger emotional reactions that just text descriptions? 

Using images effectively

Bottom line: Images have the power to pierce the noise and expand your reach. This is THE secret to more effective social media.  Here are some basics tips for success:

  • Use high-quality images
  • Use images that fit well with your brand and what you want to communicate
  • Use self-explanatory images when possible
  • Use images of real customers, employees, products, etc. NOT stock photos

It’s time you start harnessing the power of images to make sure your brand stands out…

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