How to Get a Bigger Dick – Make It Grow Wider and Longer

A man’s penis is a crucial part of his identity. We all love our todgers. But no matter what you’re packing, or how satisfied your partner is, let’s be honest: we all want a bigger dick. Whatever people say, size does matter, both for self-esteem and sexual pleasure.

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Are you wondering how to make your dick bigger? Well, there are plenty of natural options you can use to make your dick two to four inches longer and even increase its circumference. That’s right, you can even increase girth.


One penis enlargement remedy is exercise. If you really want to know how to make your penis bigger, you’ll need to treat it like any other kind of physical improvement. When you want to improve your biceps, you do curls. To find out how to get a bigger penis, you’ll need to jelq and do Kegels.

How to get a bigger dick? One key is a good jelqing regimen. Jelqing means handling your penis, stretching and rubbing it, forcing blood through the internal chambers. However, you never want to jelq while fully erect.

This is a workout, and you’ll have to proceed with real discipline. Applying heat and some type of lube will help in the process of enlargement. And don’t be afraid to commit time to this: up to 20 minutes every other day is advised.

Kegel exercises are well-known as a component of women’s sexual health. They can be important for men, too. Kegels can result in a harder, longer erection. Working those muscles can really improve blood flow and eliminate erectile dysfunction.

Doing Kegels and jelqing are super important. They are steps one and two in the program of how to make your penis bigger. By doing this exercise regimen, you’ll be surprised at how much you grow bigger.

Massage and Mindfulness

It’s important to cool down after any workout session. You can use a warm towel on your cock, and even rub some soothing creme into it. Note that you should not be masturbating. This is to calm yourself down after a training session.

While you’re cooling down, try visualizing your cock when the enlargement process is completed. In 60 or 90 days, when you have one to three more inches, how will you feel? And how much work left do you have to do to get there?


We all want to get big without pills. That’s understandable. But if you’re really curious about how to make your penis bigger, you need to be open to anything. And nutrition is a big part of getting any gains, in any part of your body.


Whether you’re trying to grow muscle, thicken hair or figure out how to get a bigger dick, you need optimum nutrition. How can your tissues grow and stretch without having the necessary building blocks? If you really think about it, you’re asking a lot of your body.

Nutrition is a really important facet of how to get a bigger dick. We all want to do it without pills. You don’t have to take anything weird or unproven. But there are naturally derived supplements you should look into.

Start with a multivitamin that contains essentials like iron, calcium and vitamin B12. Consider adding standalone supplements like L-Arginine. This one is an open secret among the men who work in the world of adult films. It will help you stay rock solid and ejaculate more fluid than ever before.

With careful planning and dedication, you can naturally become larger and more girthy. Anyone can grow their dick an inch or four. It just takes time and persistence.

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