a suite of social media tools packaged in an easy-to-use mobile solution

Brandr streamlines the process of creating, tracking and boosting on-brand visual social media content for small business owners, social media professionals, direct sellers & influencers. Our vision is to offer everyone design capabilities & social analytics that are typically only available to large organizations. 

Professionally Designed Content
Brandr makes it easy to post quality content. Users have access to 1000s of ready-to-post images designed to drive engagement and increase brand credibility.

Access to Logos & More
Brandr's design editor simplifies the process of adding visual branding (logos, websites, etc) to every post. The typical business owner doesn't have an easy way to use their logo - Brandr puts it at their fingertips. Branded images typically get 35% more engagements on social media. Users also have access to over 5000 design overlays.

Statistics & Get Insights
Brandr tracks likes, comments & more on every post. Users can see which posts are working & get insights on how to increase engagements and conversions. 

Social Intelligence
Brandr recommends content & hashtags based on a users industry to help posts stand out in a crowded social landscape. User can see a 100% increase in engagement by using the right #s. 

Team Dynamic
Users can invite trusted team members to help create & share on-brand content. Team members get access to uploaded logos, design packs, social stock content & more.

Enterprise Features
Enterprise companies can have thousands of team members, submit a suite of logos/stickers, upload custom marketing photos, and track social media output from all users within their organizations. Ideal for franchisees, influencer programs, & direct sales companies.





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