This tutorial gives a brief overview of the features available to users who have subscribed to the pro upgrade, as well as enterprise users. 

Statistics & Insights
Upgraded users can view statistics on shares, potential impressions, and engagements. Brandr tracks these metrics on posts shared via connected Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts. Here is a brief definition of each metric that's tracked. 

  • Shares: The number of times a Brandr post has been shared to a social network. It's common to have several shares on a single post. For example, if you create a post and share it to Facebook and Instagram, the post's share count will be 2. 
  • Potential Impressions: This number the total possible impressions a shared post can receive based on follower count. For example, if you share a post to your Twitter account and have 500 followers, that will add 500 to the total potential impressions. 
  • Engagements: This is the most important number. This number is a combination of all likes, comments, retweets, etc for a post. For example, if you share a post to Facebook and Instagram, and the post get 40 likes on Facebook and 50 likes on Instagram, your total number of engagements will be 90. 

Note: Brandr tracks these statistics for all posts by team members. You can look at specific post to see additional details on these metrics, such as who shared the post to which networks and what were the results. 

Brandr offers insights based on your last 7 days of activity. This is very useful for gaining an understanding of the type of content that's resonating with your users. 

Inviting Team Members
Upgraded teams can have multiple team members posting & sharing. Invite trusted team members to give them access to uploaded logos and stats. To invite a team member, navigate to the 'Account' tab then select 'Team' at the top of the screen. You'll see a blue 'invite' button. Tap the button to have the option of sending someone an email invite. That's it, Brandr takes care of the rest. 

Note: Team members do not have access to social accounts you've connected. Each team member will need to add 'official' company accounts in order to post to them. 

Boosting Your Posts
After you've shared a post, select the post from your feed to see it's details view. Tap the option to 'Ask for a Boost'. This will give you the option to send an SMS, email, or push notification (team members only) to ask for help sharing. This allows friends and family to share your posts organically, increasing reach and engagements.

Tip: Take advantage of your extended networks followers to really spread your message.