This tutorial covers sharing your posts - including information about connecting social accounts for faster, trackable sharing. 

Adding a Caption
Your caption is as important as the image you're sharing! We recommend that you share your posts to multiple social networks, so make sure you keep your captions short and engaging. Here are some easy ways to invite users to engage with your post:

  • Ask a question
  • Invite them to act (comment, like, share, tag)
  • Be authentic & not too pushy

Adding Hashtags
Tap the '+Hashtag' button below the caption area to access recently used, trending & industry-specific hashtags. Simply tap a hashtag to add it to your caption.

Tip: Adding the right hashtags can increase your visibility by putting your content in front of the right audience. We highly recommend adding hashtags to every post. Users have seen a 100% increase in engagements from using the right hashtags. Don't miss out on these valuable interactions!


Sharing to Connected Accounts
Now that you've added a killer caption with hashtags, you're ready to share. If you've connected accounts already, you'll see those options for sharing. Why share to connected accounts? Brandr can track engagements on posts you share to a connected account. This means you can get valuable performance stats & insights on your posts. 

If you haven't connected any accounts yet, you'll see the option at the bottom of the screen. 

Tip: Share your post to all your social accounts. Every engagement counts, and you can share in a single tap, so take advantage of sharing to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

Note: You can share your posts anywhere you like! However, Brandr is only able to get statistics on posts that have been shared to connected Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts.