This tutorial covers finding & customizing stock content with your branding.

Social Stock
Brandr has thousands of professionally-designed visual posts just waiting to be shared. Brandr's Social Stock is specifically designed to invite engagement and start conversations between you and your followers. Social Stock can be found on the 'Stock' tab. You can browse content based on industry or search the entire database with the search bar at the top of the screen. 

Tip: Don't overthink searching for something to post. If you see something you like, your followers will likely have a positive reaction to it as well. To maintain a healthy following you need to post daily, so don't get caught up trying to find the 'perfect' post. 

Image Search: You'll also notice to option to search for an image. This feature searches over 500k high-quality images you can use as the base image of a new post. 

Web Search: Similar to Image Search, this feature lets you search the web for images to use as the base image of a new post. 

Once you find an image you want to share, you're ready to customize it. 


Customizing Social Stock
Tapping on a piece of Social Stock will launch the image editor. Here you'll see options to add branding to your post. Tap on your uploaded logo to add it to the canvas. You can drag your logo to your desired position and pinch it to scale up or down. You can also add text to your post. This is great for adding websites, hashtags, etc. 

Tip: Brandr's social stock is designed to make it easy to place your logo in the lower third area of the canvas. 

Adding your logo & other branding elements to Brandr's social stock increases your brands visibility and credibility. Branded images typically get 35% more engagements on social media! Once you're happy with you customizations, tap the 'Post & Share' button.