In this tutorial we'll cover uploading logos & other overlays. We'll also troubleshoot some issues you may run into. 

Finding the upload dialog
When you first create your team, you'll see a tutorial on the 'Overlays' tab inviting you to add logos & more. The blue upload button is how you'll access your options for uploading. The tutorial will disappear after you've added your first overlay, but the 'Upload' button will always be there.

Note: if you do not see the blue upload button, it means that you do not have permissions to upload overlays. 

Options for Uploading
After tapping 'Upload' you'll see your options for finding & adding overlays to Brandr. Options include 'PNG from Camera Roll', 'PNG or SVG from Dropbox', 'PNG or SVG from the Document Picker' - you'll also see an option to get help. 

Quick Note: Why only PNGs & SVGs? PNG & SVG file formats support transparency. This means your logo and other assets will be able to sit nicely on top of photos.

PNG from Camera Roll
This is the most commonly used option. Brandr scrubs your photo library for any PNG images. The best way to use this option is to email yourself a PNG version of your logo and save the image to your devices Camera Roll. 

PNG or SVG from Dropbox
If you keep your logo on Dropbox, you can login and retrieve it with this method. We also allow you to import SVGs (vector graphics) with this method as well. While PNGs are the most commonly used file format with transparency, SVGs will have the highest quality image output. If you've got SVGs, be sure to use them!

PNG or SVG from Document Picker
This method lets you choose a PNG or SVG that you're storing within an iOS supported document folder. 

Testing Your Upload
After selecting an overlay to be uploaded, Brandr displays that overlay in a test environment. You'll be able to see if the element looks like you intended. Pinch & drag the element to see how it will function when you use it in the image editor. If everything looks good, tap 'Add to Overlays'. The overlay is now available to add to posts!

Deleting an Overlay
If you want to remove an overlay for any reason, simply tap and hold on the overlay in the 'Overlays' section of the 'Overlays' tab. The deleted overlay will not longer be available to you or any other team members to use in the image editor.

"I need help!"
Some small businesses don't have their logo readily available to upload. It's okay! For a one-time fee our team of professional designers can get your branding uploaded. Email us at info@getbrandr.com so we can help!